About NauticEd

NauticEd is a globally recognized and 21st century way of becoming a sailor.   


To be a confident and competent sailor, you need theoretical knowledge and practical skills. A valid and organized resume/certificate enables you to document these accomplishments. NauticEd provides it all automatically with high-tech software in conjunction with recognized standards for on-the-water practical training from Applied Sailing.


With over a dozen multimedia online and mobile-friendly sailing courses for complete beginners to advance training—all surpassing international standards, NauticEd provides interactive theoretical training and online testing to ensure you gain the appropriate knowledge.


NauticEd utilizes a global network of practical training sailing schools such as Landfall Sailing in Austin to help you obtain and document on-the-water practical skills.


NauticEd is the only sailing training body recognized as having met the American Nationaal Standards developed by the United States Coast Guard for Sailing Training and Assessment.


With proprietary software, NauticEd combines your theoretical sailing courses with your logged practical experience and all your other sailing accomplishments into a globally recognized sailing resume which automatically grows as you learn and sail. Yacht charter companies world-wide accept the NauticEd railing resume and certification.


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